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Gift Wrapping Tips & Tricks with Scotch!

The holidays are here! Which means lots of gift wrapping. Limor is sharing some tips and tricks for wrapping and shipping that perfect present!

Tip 1: Set Up A Workstation

Fill the workstation with all of your essentials, wrapping paper, scissors, bows, ribbons, and the most important part….

Scotch® Gift-Wrap Tape! It will be your go-to when wrapping all holiday presents.

It has a satin finish which helps the tape disappear flawlessly on most wrapping papers to give your gifts that smooth, finished look.

Tip 2: Fold the paper where the two pieces meet at the end.

This creates that smooth, professionally wrapped looked. Your gift receivers will think you got this professionally wrapped!

Tip 3: Piece of wrapping that doesn’t fit? Turn the gift diagonally!

Voila, it fits! Wrapping success!

Tip 4: Create festive designs using Scotch Expressions Tape!

If you’ve run out of holiday wrapping paper, you can use plain wrapping paper or any other holiday wrapping paper you might have, just turn it inside out. Then decorate using the Scotch® Expressions Tape and your gift receivers will never know!

Since we are going to be shipping a lot of gifts this year to loved ones we won’t be seeing in person, this is the perfect way to ship your presents...

Tip 5: Forget The Boxes and Fillers

Check out the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll, it's an all-in-one shipping solution that can save you up to half the time, supplies and space as boxes!

Just cut, fold, press, add a label and you’re ready to send! No boxes, filler, or shipping tape needed. The best part is that it sticks securely to itself and not your item or gift wrap. All you need is the roll and a pair of scissors!

For more holiday wrapping ideas, tips and tricks, visit!

Happy gifting!

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