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Franzia Wine Backpack!

Don’t you wish you had a glass of wine with you at all times? Whenever you have one of these “I need wine moments” when you’re out. Well now you can!

Franzia just created a wine-dispensing backpack! Their official backpack comes with an opening and spout for a perfect pour. Just like their signature packaging and box shape, the backpack is like so and features a full zip-around so that a full box of Franzia fits in the backpack perfectly. The backpack comes in one side and design, fit for Franazia’s cabernet sauvignon.

You can get your Franzia Wine Backpack here!

If you’re a wine enthusiast, the brand also offers “Franz For Life” that further captures the Franzia theme. You can buy red party cups, a speaker, socks, friendship necklaces, and a hat. You can check out all their accessories here.


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