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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

If you still want to plan a small Halloween get-together, Limor shared some tips and treats to make your party CDC-approved and COVID-friendly but still fun! Check out Limor's segment!


With Halloween looking different this year, go all out with your outdoor decorations with damage free solutions from Command Brand.

Command Outdoor Light Clips and Command Outdoor Metallic Bronze Hook are the damage free way to hang wreaths and string lights outside your home for Halloween. Once Halloween is over you can use them for Thanksgiving and then Christmas decorations!

They remove cleanly, with no holes, marks, stains or sticky residue. So you can use them over and over again! They are both water and UV resistant so they hold strongly, even outdoors


Even if you aren't trick-or-treating or doing anything special this Halloween, it's still fun to get dressed up! JCPenny has all your Halloween costume needs, for babies, children of all sizes, and adults! This Frozen 2 Elsa Costume is perfect for young kids!

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Don't forget - the CDC recommends that even if your costume comes with a face mask that covers your nose and mouth, you still need to wear a regular cloth mask!


If you still want to hand out candy, the CDC Guidelines recommends putting candy in individual bags, to avoid many hands touching the same candies. You can pick up individuals baggies on Amazon or your local craft or party store.


If you still want to hand out Halloween candy but stay 6-feet away, try this candy chute! All you need is a sipping tube!

Set the shipping tube somewhere outside, where you can maintain distance. Go all out and decorate it with Halloween stickers, Halloween-colored tinsel garland, etc. If you're feeling extra generous, send the whole individual candy bag down the chute!


Give each kid a bucket of Halloween fun! In a large bucket, add stickers, activity books, Play Doh (in Halloween colors), and Crayons. Also include some other fun Halloween items, such as fangs, Frankenstein fingers, etc!

These buckets and items are super inexpensive and can be found in Supermarkets, Target, or any craft stores! They're COVID-friendly and allow kids to do some fun DIY Halloween activities!


If you still want to serve a food platter for your party, you can do so but make it COVID-friendly! Everything should be in individual portions. Need more Halloween food inspiration? Check out the website!


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On chilly October nights, Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate is the perfect way to warm yourself up! Make it spooky with this Witch's Brew recipe! It's a hot chocolate recipe mixed with root beer and whip cream - it's delicious and spooky!


Although Halloween celebrations will be a little different this year, you can still get the kids excited with these fun ideas!

Limor created scary spider pudding cups using the Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding. They are super easy and fun for kids to create at home!

The vanilla pudding cups are decorated with chocolate sandwich cookie spiders sitting on a gel spider web to create the scary spider appeal. You can find this recipe and other Halloween ideas at

If you want to make more pudding cups, Limor has the perfect idea for you - make it into a Bento box!

This is a great box because it allows kids to have some sweet snacks but also create a (gross) treat themselves, which kills some time with a fun DIY activity!

Limor made spooky 'dirt' cups. All you need is a Snack Pack Pudding cup (we used chocolate but any flavor works). Then add cookie crumbles, gummy worms, googly eyes, gummy Pumpkins, candy corn, jelly beans, etc - any candy or treats you like! To make it COVID-friendly, add each treat into a tiny container.


A great alternative to the sugar overload for your little ghosts & ghouls or to help keep you on your feet through the night is Jack Links Beef Jerky! Put them into mini cauldrons and they're the perfect individual-sized snack to serve!

These handy variety packs include nine single-serve snack packs in Original & Teriyaki flavors. Order straight to your doorstep using code Spooky20 for 20% off today through Wednesday, October 28 at


Make your little party into an outdoor movie night. It's easier to space everyone 6-feet away outdoors. Plus, who doesn't want to watch a movie under the sky?!

All you have to do is set up a portable projector and screen and some benches 6-feet apart! Then pop in your favorite spooky movie and grab your favorite snacks and you're all set!

Need some more Halloween inspiration? Check out the Halloween section of Limor Loves! If you love the Bento Box, we previously shared 3 different Bento Box recipes!

If you use any of these tips or treats, share it with us on Instagram, @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. JCPenny, Command Strips, Snack Packs, and Jack Links are sponsors of LS Media Inc, which owns


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