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Fourth of July Party Essentials!

By the pool, beach, or in the backyard the 4th of July is meant to be surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones celebrating the U.S.A.! And what better way to celebrate than with a summer BBQ? We're rounding up 4th of July part essentials to make your BBQ run smoothly.

Get ready - everything red, white, and blue is coming your way!

With the pandemic still looming a bit, some people might not be comfortable with hugs, so use red, white, and blue wrist bands to differentiate those who are comfortable with touches and those who aren't. And as always, keep hand sanitizer on deck!

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Of course, you'll have to go all out with the red, white, and blue decor! An easy start is with your food - everything you'll need to eat or drink should be served on flag plates, napkins, cups, etc.

If we're talking food decor, you can't forget about table decor! From paper fans to food toppers to streamers this decor kit has it all and makes decorating easy!

Everyone loves taking pictures, so grab some photo props to make the pictures more fun!


For those pesky bugs and insects, use a mesh cover to protect any food that will be served outside. It's great to use for sides, main dishes, or desserts!

Still on the food trend, an inflatable buffet cooler is great to protect the cold foods and drinks you have! If you have a pool, add only drinks and it becomes a pool float with endless drinks for the swimmers!


The kids might not want to spend the entire day and night in the pool or if you don't have a pool you'll want to keep everyone engaged and entertained, so let the games begin! This potato sac race is a great game to play!

Who doesn't love Bingo?! Whether it's for an older crowd or young kids, everyone will have fun with this game! But be careful, don't let the competition turn into a fight!

And of course, a bean bag toss! Fun for the whole family.

You can never have too many games, these are some other games and/or activities that are super fun: Firecracker Game Cards, Stars & Stripes Emoji Cards, Cornhole, Inflatable Ring Toss, and July Fourth Sticker Crafts.

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