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Fourth of July Finds!

The family and friends, the fireworks, the fun! Fourth of July days away and if you’re looking for some ways to celebrate, lifestyle contributor Limor Suss has some ideas of what to serve up!

Heluva Good!

Let's talk appetizers! Chips and dip are a must at any BBQ! Grab some red, white, and blue tortilla chips at the supermarket and pair it with Heluva Good! Dips.

Their French Onion and Jalapeño Cheddar are superb! Their French Onion Dip is a creamy take on a classic dip that everyone loves. The Jalapeño Cheddar Dip has a fiery jalapeño flavor with a cheesy cheddar twist.

They’re also perfect with veggies, pretzels, wings and anything else you might want to dip. They’re so delicious and live up to their name every single time. Heluva Good! Dips come in seven different flavors and you can find them in the dairy aisle of your supermarket.

Bartenura Moscato

Canned wine is a favorite way to serve up wine at a BBQ. Just in time for the 4th, Bartenura Moscato, the best-selling imported Italian Moscato is available in convenient cans! They’re perfect for a BBQ, or to put in your cooler to take to the pool/beach or on a picnic.

The wine is slightly frizzante and has notes of wildflowers, ripe melons and honey followed by flavors of pear, nectarines and apricot. They pair perfectly with whatever you like, but especially with good company!

They come in a four-pack and have about one and a half glasses of wine per can. Available wherever you buy wine or visit to find a retailer near you!


What’s a 4th ofJuly BBQ without something sweet? The Edible brand is about helping people celebrate all the good moments in life and they have something everyone will love with their new summer flavors available for a limited time.

The Pineapple Pina Colada Bouquet features their new, fresh and fruity pineapple Pina Colada flavor. This arrangement includes a juicy pineapple daisy partially dipped in white chocolate and topped with coconut, then crowned with crisp honeydew wedges.

Edible has also added new strawberry flavored products to its Edible bakeshop including Strawberry Cupcakes and Strawberry Cheesecakes. All of the bakeshop products are handcrafted with real, quality ingredients. And they’re so delicious.

Of course, the Edible Summer Fruit & Cheesecake Platter! It features strawberries, kiwi slices, watermelon balls, mango wedges, and blueberries. With Edible’ bakeshop cheesecakes topped with whipped cream and Edibles summer fruits. It’s perfect for a large gathering! Edible has over 900 retail locations nationwide! Visit an Edible store near you to place your order.

How are you celebrating the 4th of July? Share it with us below in the comments or on Instagram @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, Heluva Good!, Bartenura Moscato, and Edible are sponsors of Limor Media, which owns


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