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Family Fun Month: 20 Things To Do

August is Family Fun Month! We’ve rounded up some things you can do in the comfort of your home and some things your family can venture out of the house to do, if you feel comfortable!

  1. Put away your devices and play some board or card games

  2. Read a book together

  3. Camp out in the backyard. If you’re feeling extra creative, check out ways to have a home movie theater

  4. Go on a picnic to a scenic area in your neighborhood

  5. Take a family bike ride

  6. Design a day for each family member, the family member of the day gets to choose what they would like to do and how the rest of the family can celebrate them

  7. Plant something in your garden

  8. Host a talent show, where each family member showcases their talents

  9. Have an arts and crafts night

  10. Set up sprinklers or an inflatable pool outside. Stay protected with our sunscreen roundup

  11. Make a family tree of your extended family

  12. Volunteer as a family

  13. Take a virtual trip or tour to someplace new! Like this trip to the Amazon Rainforest

  14. Visit a museum

  15. Play miniature golf

  16. Visit a local farm or place to pick your own fruit

  17. Take a weekend trip to a local beach. Check out our post on beach essentials

  18. Go to the Zoo or Aquarium

  19. Take a hike at your National Park

  20. Go to your local boardwalk and enjoy boardwalk treats


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