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Fall Decor: Pumpkin Flower Pots

It's officially fall and what better way to decorate than with Pumpkins and flowers! These DIY Pumpkin Flower Pots are super easy to make, look great, and will save you some money.

Things You'll Need:

A medium to large-sized Pumpkin

Flowers (we prefer real but fake work as well)

Carving knife

How To Make It:

You'll need to carve out the Pumpkin, on the top to remove the stem. Make sure you have enough room that your flowers will fit but the hole in the Pumpkin won't be visible.

Remove the Pumpkin seeds from the Pumpkin.

Add soil from the flower pot into the empty Pumpkin.

Insert the flowers into the Pumpkin.

And now you have a pretty decoration!

If you make these Pumpkin Flower Pots and post to Instagram, tag us @limorloves!


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