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Fall Decor: Glitter Pumpkins

These glitter Pumpkins are a great DIY for Pumpkin decorating that will also get your children in the Fall and Halloween Spirit! Did we mention - it's mess free!

All you need are Pumpkins (whichever size you prefer, real or fake) and Crayola Glitter Dots.

The Crayola Glitter Dots are great to use and mess free! All you do is place the glitter dots at the top of the Pumpkin (by the stem) and squish down and drag it all the way to the bottom of the Pumpkin.

Glitter Dots come in multiple colors. You can use them on coloring pages, with Crayola playsets, wood, felt, paper mache, fabric, and so much more. Each Glitter Dot is coated to help keep glitter contained in the dot and not on your hands, so it's mess free!

Disclaimer: Limor and LS Media Inc has worked with Crayola in the past but this post in not sponsored.


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