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Everything Neon!

If your days have been painted in tones of winter grey—fear not! Here come the 80s and 90s to the rescue with some neon power.

Last fall, neon was declared the color of spring/summer 2021 on fashion runways from major brands. The neon trend is influencing home décor too with Pinterest recently reporting an 800 percent increase in searches for “neon room,” and even the iconic Razor Kickscooter, house plants, and cocktail mixes are getting back on board with this color craze.

Neon is truly back and we're rounding up some fun neon-colored products, perfect for the whole family!

  • In fashion and beauty: Check out these bright kicks from Reebok, the trendy gowns worn at the Golden Globes, and neon runway looks such as these. Trendsetter are also adding the color palette to their cosmetics—check out this neon yellow eyeshadow from NYX Professional Makeup.


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