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Earth Day Spotlight: Planet Oat

Earth Day is all about demonstrating support for environmental protection!

This Earth Day, Planet Oat Wants to give back to the earth by partnering with deforestation non-profit organization One Tree Planted to promote healthy air and lands in your city!

Planet Oat, known for their delicious Oat Milk, wants to make an impact on the world through The Planet Oat Project, which is a program grounded in three environmental causes: environmental clean-up, wildlife rehabilitation, and water conservation.

Planet Oat will join One Tree Planted’s nationwide tree planting efforts by encouraging people to plant trees in their very own neighborhoods.

Planet Oat is making it easy to participate by encouraging consumers to donate $2 to One Tree Planted, which is the equivalent of planting two trees!

To check out the tree planting activities happening in your city visit:

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Planet Oat is a sponsor of Limor Media, which owns


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