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Earth Day Spotlight: Noosa Yogurt

This Earth Day, and beyond, Noosa Yogurt is trying to be more sustainable and giving back to the community, especially in their home state of Colorado!

Noosa Yoghurt is taking a more sustainable step by eliminating the plastic lids from its line of Lil Tubs Yoghurt, a move that will eliminate more than 70 tons of plastic annually!

The new look and feel of the Lil Tubs packaging will preserve the delicious taste Noosa customers are accustomed to, while creating a more sustainable lid so Noosa fans can feel good about what they are eating.

Noosa will continue to bring their values to life and protect the environment of the local Colorado community! Noosa is supporting Honeybees through their ongoing support of The Pollinator Partnership, the largest non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to pollinator health.

Noosa is also donating $20,000 (the equivalent of 3,000 trees or half a million Palisade Peaches!) to Talbott Farms to support 2021 tree planting efforts in Colorado. Noosa has been sourcing palisade peaches from Talbott Farms Since 2018, when Noosa launched their ode to the local sweet fruit, Peach Noosa.

In 2020, Talbott Farms Was deeply impacted by the severe spring frost which decimated most of their harvest, which is why Noosa wanted to step in to support their 2021 planting efforts.

You can visit to find about these initiatives and you can find the new Noosa lid-free packaging in the dairy section of your supermarket!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Noosa Yoghurt is a sponsor of Limor Media, which owns


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