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Crayola: Hand Sanitizer

Crayola recently released a line of hand sanitizer! With cute and colorful bottles that look exactly like the crayons, your kids will love them!

With many kids back in school already, amid a pandemic, Crayola has launched a new “collection of hand sanitizers in classic, fun packaging with traditional Crayola colors” to encourage children to clean their hands.

The colorful sanitizers are tinted in "razmatazz" red, "forest green," "blue bell," and "goldenrod" yellow, which are achieved using food dye. They are made out of 75% ethyl alcohol, so they meet the CDC standards and kill 99.99% of germs.

The sanitizers are available in four, eight, and 24-count packs of 2 oz. bottles.They also come with a matching holder that can be easily clipped onto a backpack for easy reach.

You can purchase yours here!

Disclaimer: Although Limor and LS Media INC have worked with Crayola in the past, this post is not sponsored. This post uses Amazon affiliate links, should this product be purchased there will be a small commission.


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