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Cookie Fangs

Spooky season is upon us! We're big fans of getting into the holiday spirit, which includes decorating our food! Cookie Fangs are a yummy treat!


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini Marshmallows

Red Icing

How To Make It:

Cut the chocolate chip cookies into halves.

On each half, spread the red icing on the bottom of the cookie.

Add the mini marshmallows on one half of the cookie.

Place the half of the cookie without the marshmallows on top of the half-marshmallow cookie.

Lightly press them together, so they will stay in place. Be careful not to crush the marshmallows.

Serve and Enjoy!

Tips: Feel free to make your own cookies or use store bought ones. If this is a last minute recipe and you don't have icing, you could use peanut butter!


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