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Cold Brew Ice Cubes

If you love cold brew but hate when the ice melts and your iced coffee gets watered down, make Cold Brew Ice Cubes! They're super simple and easy to make but will elevate your drink in minutes!


  • Coffee of your choice (works better with cold brew but any works!)

  • Creamer of your choice

How To Make:

  1. Make your coffee.

  2. Pour the coffee into ice cube trays.

  3. Pour creamer into the ice cube trays.

  4. Freeze several hours or until firm. (Cubes will be firm like a fudge popsicle)

Just pop the cubes into your iced coffee drink! So when the ice cubes melt, instead of having watered down iced coffee, you'll have that coffee flavor for longer!

Note: The creamer cubes might take a bit to melt. So if you're looking for a coffee flavor with creamer at the first sip, add a tiny bit of regular creamer to your coffee.

Making these? Share them with us on Instagram @limorloves!


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