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Boo-Nanas & Apple Teeth Snacks

Looking for a non-candy snack for Halloween this year? These are easy peasy and delish!

My little guy, Ethan, LOVES bananas- so these boo-nanas are for him.

All you need are some bananas, and mini chocolate chips.

Slice the banana in half, add mini chocolate chips for the eyes, and you have a yummy snack!

Apple Teeth Snacks:

What you need

1) Sliced Apples (buying the pre-slied is best here so they don't brown)

2) Peanut butter (Almond butter, sunbutter, etc would all work too)

3) mini Marshmallows (or almonds, bananas work too)

How to Make:

1) Take 2 apple slices

2) Spread PB on one side of each apple

3) Add mini marshmallows on top of one side of the apple

4) Make a sandwich with the other side of the apple.

5) Enjoy!


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