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BIC and Girls With Impact Partner to Deliver After-School Education

The BIC Corporate Foundation is partnering with Girls With Impact to deliver after-school entrepreneurship education, with a focus on social entrepreneurship.  BIC’s contribution will support Girls With Impact’s 2020-21 goal to serve 2,000 low to moderate income girls. During the Covid-19 pandemic Girls With Impact trained 2,500 girls from across the country through its signature Entrepreneurship Academy and workforce readiness workshops. Girls from more than 40 states and five countries have participated in Girls With Impact’s courses, which include business, entrepreneurship and innovation. This program drives college preparation and workforce readiness outcomes in areas that have long been barriers to women’s success. For example:

  • 85% of graduates feel confident as leaders

  • 60% improve financial literacy and savings

  • 93% feel more college ready

Check out some Girls With Impact's success stories:

Selene Morrow: CEO of De Arte, a venture to sell art to raise money for cancer research and funding for treatment. Anisha Shashidhar: CEO of Bee-f-fs, a fun educational clicker game that raises awareness about why honeybees are crucial to the environment. Naila Gomez: CEO of created Sisters United, a program dedicated to promoting education and creating a safe space for black and brown girls in PWI's.

Girls With Impact’s Fall programs began September 14th, learn more here. You can even check out more of their ventures here.

Disclaimer: Although Limor and LS Media Inc have worked with BIC in the past, this post is not sponsored.


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