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Better CT: Grilling Season!

Summer is grilling season! Whether you're tired of traditional BBQ items, like hot dogs and burgers, or looking for something unique to serve, Lifestyle Contributor Limor Suss is sharing some options for your next BBQ!

It might not be Tuesday but Tacos are delicious any day of the week! So why not create something fun, mess free, and easy to cook a ..... TACO BAR!

On the grill, cook your chicken and beef to your liking. Once they're all cooked, cut them into tiny pieces so they'll be able to fit into your Taco.

And don't forget to grill your tortillas! You can either wrap them in tinfoil or let them hang out on the grill. They'll need about 2 minutes on each side.

You'll need more ingredients in your Tacos! Some items include: sliced limes, pico de gallo, sour cream, olives, cotija cheese, black beans, and guacamole. Make sure to add each item into it's own bowl and use a spoon for scooping!

For the more intricate sides, we're sharing some of our favorite easy to make recipes!

Make Fajitas! They're delicious in tacos or on the side! One bite taco, one bite fajita!

  • Grab your red, orange, and yellow peppers. Slice and de-seed them.

  • Chop one red onion.

  • In a pan with a little olive oil cooking spray, cook the onions until they're somewhat soft.

  • Then add your peppers.

  • Add any seasoning you like. We kept it simple with just salt and pepper.

  • Mix well until all ingredients are nice and soft, about five-seven minutes.

Another great topping for your Taco - Cabbage Slaw!

  • Using a whole red cabbage, shred it into small pieces.

  • Add one garlic clove of Dorots Garden's Flash Frozen Garlic. In a bowl, mash it until they're in small chunks/pieces.

  • Add one cup of apple cider vinegar.

  • Pour a generous amount of mayonnaise into the bowl.

  • Whisky very well until it's a soup-like texture.

  • Add your shredded cabbage into the bowl. If you're using other ingredients like shredded carrots, this is the time to add them - we like to keep things simple.

  • Sprinkle any seasoning like salt, pepper, etc.

  • Mix well.

Mexican Street Corn has become a fan favorite dish! And it's so simple to make! Perfect in your taco but it's so flavorful as a side to accompany your taco!

  • In a bowl, add one can of canned corn. If you're feeling like a true chef, you can cook an ear or two of corn.

  • Add a generous amount of mayonnaise. Mix the ingredients together.

  • Pour a lot of cojita cheese into the mixed bowl.

  • Add some cayenne pepper.

  • Mix well and serve in individual portioned reusable cups!

Of course you can't forget Yellow Rice! An essential for any Mexican style meal. Most kiddos like adding rice and beans into their Taco. Just grab your favorite pack of rice and cook it to your liking and serve it on a platter with a spoon!

Check out Limor's full segment with Better Connecticut, here!

What are you serving up at your next BBQ? Share it with us below in the comments or on Instagram @limorloves!

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