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Back To School Tips!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Everyone is going back to school, even if you’re learning from home or doing a hybrid! To be your most productive selves, Limor shared some back to school shopping tips to make sure you have everything you need for learning at home!

Tip 1: Cute School Supplies & Set Up Your Space

Make sure to stock up on supplies you need! From crayons to pencils, new school supplies evokes excitement for the new school year ahead! Create a space that is uniquely theirs! With children's art, pin boards, even free printables. Make sure you get some labels for all your supplies if you're doing hybrid learning. even has downloadable sheets to help you stay organized, as well as free virtual backgrounds!

Tip 2: Make Learning More Comfortable

To make learning more comfortable, these are some things you should consider investing in:

  • Blue Light Glasses to help protect your eyes from harmful blue light from your screens

  • Upgrade your Wifi Router

  • If your budget allows, pick up an extra keyboard, mouse, monitor, and noise canceling headphones

  • Working from a laptop can be hard on your hands and neck, having an keyboard and mouse can help elevate the pain a bit. Noise canceling headphones will help you concentrate a bit more by canceling other people in the house

  • Have a fidget kid that can't sit still? Get something for them under their desk, such as Kinnebar.

Tip 3: Over The Door Shoe Organizer

Don’t have enough space for all your supplies? Use an over the door shoe organizer to keep all your supplies organized.

Tip 4: Keep With A Schedule

Even if you’re virtual learning part time, use a home device like an Echo Show 8 to schedule breaks, lunch, reminders, and more. It will keep you scheduled, organized, and give you the necessary breaks you deserve to be your most productive!

Tip 5: Meals and Snacks

Make sure to pack lunches the night before or morning of and have snacks ready to go so you’re not a short order cook all day! Our favorite snacks are any Made Good snacks.

Tip 6: Educational Screen Time

Usually, school ends before parents can finish working. Likely a bigger issue with younger kids who finish school around noon, and parents still have a full work day ahead. Stock up on some educational games/toys/apps to help keep kids engaged and learning.

  • Amazon Prime Video: Word World

  • PBS Kids: Super Why

  • Disney Junior (and on Disney+): Little Einsteins

  • Youtube: Reads Aloud Stories

  • Youtube: Blippi Teaches “Science” And Takes Kids On Virtual Adventures To Play Spaces

  • LeapFrog - Leap Start Preschool Success

Tip 7: Educational Screen Time

Set up a station for your important paperwork, sanitizer, a thermometer, and masks by your door, so you'll never forget the essentials!


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