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Back To School Recipes & Snacks!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Now that school is back in session, we need to start planning those after school meals and snacks. Lifestyle contributor Limor Suss is here to help us out with some easy meal and snack options.

Stonyfield Organic

Stonyfield, known for its delicious organic kids yogurt, wants to help take the pressure off parents with the launch of the ultimate lunchbox for parents: the Breakbox Collection. Because parents deserve a break especially during the back to school season!

To help relieve and champion parents, Stonyfield is offering three themed lunchboxes designed for what parents really need to get through their day, including Adult Time Out, You Got This, and Hide in My Closet. These boxes come filled with snacks to fuel you throughout the day and come with an encouraging note from another parent around the world. These Boxes can be purchased for yourself, or gifted to a parent you think needs an extra break, for $50! All proceeds will be donated to No Kids Hungry and is available for purchase here. To find out more details about these boxes, click here.

Milk is a great way to provide the nutrition needed for bone growth in children and bone health for all - the best is Hood Milk!

Milk is a versatile ingredient that is delicious in all of its forms and Hood Milk keeps your body nourished with the strength for all you do. Whether you enjoy it in a glass or use it to build your smoothie, make a lunchtime soup, or in your morning oatmeal, milk is a rich source of protein that will power you through the day so you can focus on family fun all season long.

Hood Milk updated the design of the LightBlock Bottle and is taking even more measures to protect your family’s milk and maintain its fresh taste. The new bottle enclosures freshness and protects milk against compromised taste brought on by the effects of both natural and artificial light.

It's important to make sure your breakfast is protein packed to fuel up for long school days. The secret ingredient: Hood Cottage Cheese!

For breakfast, Baked Cottage Cheese Egg Muffins are perfect to whip up the night before. Just saute any veggies you like, add some eggs, cheese, and Hood Cottage Cheese into a muffin tin and bake them until they’re done. Simply stick them in the freezer and reheat in the morning for a delicious on-the-go breakfast.

For an afternoon snack, swap greasy potato chips for a refreshing and filling snack like these Cucumber Bites. Just slice your cucumber, add some Hood Cottage Cheese on top and done! It’ll be a crowd pleaser.

You can find out more, and find recipes, about both Hood Cottage Cheese and Hood Milk online. Hood products are available at your local grocery store.

Egg Innovations

Whether you’re making egg bites, hard boiled or scrambled eggs when you’re figuring out which eggs to pick up, try Helpful Hens.

They are delicious eggs that are sustainably farmed with regenerative practices. They’re good for the planet and have rich, golden yolks. This brand was created by farmers and hens on a mission to restore our soil and create a brighter, healthier future for all! You can pick them up at Market Basket or find a location near you.

Green Giant

Let’s talk after school snacks! If you’re always looking for a healthy and quick snacks the kiddos will love, check out new Green Giant Veggie Fries!

They have one full serving of veggies per serving and come in three varieties: Zucchini Garlic & Parmesan, Cauliflower Ranch with Bacon, Broccoli & Cheese. Limor air fries them so they’re nice and crispy! They’re the perfect way to sneak veggies into your kids after school snack. It’ll have them asking for more! You can pick them up in the freezer section of your supermarket.

Little Bites

Packing for lunch time is easier than ever this school year thanks to Little Bites Snacks! With a wide variety of options to choose from including classic Chocolate Chip Muffins, Soft Baked Cookies, and the newest offering, Little Bites Mini Tarts, there’s a snack for every child.

For an after school craving, make these DIY Little Bites Fruit Skewers! All you need are skewers, your kiddos favorite fruit, and Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins. It’s super easy and delicious! Click here for the full recipe and step-by-step video!

Little Bites Snacks feature real ingredients such as chocolate chips, blueberries, and strawberries, and contain no artificial flavors. They come packaged in pouches to provide the Perfect Portion of Happiness to any snacking occasion and the perfect fit for a lunchbox. The snacking possibilities are endless with Little Bites! You can pick up Little Bites Snacks at your local grocery store.

House Foods

As the weather gets colder and we say “bye” to swimsuit season, we start to transition back to those warmer, comforting foods. House Foods are quick and easy go-to’s that are so delicious!

House Foods Organic Tofu and Shirataki Noodles are healthy, inexpensive, and ideal for adding plant-based protein to you or your kids’ lunchboxes without compromising on nutrition or taste. The Organic Tofu is available in varieties from soft to extra firm, for versatile after-school meals in no time. The Low-Carb Shirataki Noodles make for great guilt-free noodle alternatives that kids and parents love!

For fun dinner ideas, try Kid-Friendly Tofu Tacos made with House Foods Organic Extra Firm Tofu - super tasty and simple to make! Click here for the step-by-step instructions on how to make this recipe! You can pick up House Foods at your local grocery store and for more recipes, click here!

For making those back to school lunches, APPLEGATE NATURALS® Oven Roasted Turkey Breast is tender juicy breast meat that is 100% natural and uses no antibiotics ever!

This back-to-school season, add it to your favorite salad, sandwich or wrap and enjoy it even more knowing that it’s Applegate Humanely Raised.

Our family loves Turkey Roll Ups and they’re super easy to make! Just Lay down a piece of Applegate’s Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, add hummus and lettuce, tomato and onion. Roll it up and add a toothpick. Click here for the full recipe.

What back to school recipes and snacks do you enjoy? Share them with us below in the comments and on Instagram @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Stonyfield, Hood, Egg Innovations, Green Giant, Little Bites, House Foods, and Applegate are sponsors of Limor Media, which owns


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