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Back To School Must Haves!

Ready or not, it’s time to shop for back to school! Limor Suss has some A+ must haves to help your kid be the head of the class!


From lunch bags to the first day of school outfits, to planners & notebooks, Burlington is a one-stop shop for everything back to school!

They have brand name merchandise at great prices that are sure to wow! Not only do they have great finds, Burlington gives back to the community!

For the 5th consecutive year, Burlington has teamed up with to support teachers and students Now through August 9th, you can donate $1 or more at checkout.

Purse Pets

“I wish they had this when I was going back to school” check out Purse Pets! They are interactive pets meets trendy fashion accessory! It's more than a purse and more than a pet….

Purse Pets respond to touch and interact with you. You can pet and hold her forehead to make her blink and blow a kiss! She plays games and music. You can even ask her a yes or no question and she’ll respond!

Purse pets have 25 cute and sassy sounds and reactions like purring. How cute are they?

Zarbee’s Naturals

If your kids are having a hard time going to bed at a normal time and getting back on a structured sleep schedule, check out the Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep With Melatonin to help support occasional sleeplessness.

It comes in a gummy, liquid or chewable-tablet form. Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep With Melatonin is a drug free supplement that works with the body’s natural cycle to support sleep without forming a habit!

I’ve recommended this product to so many of my mom friends, and they send me constant thank you texts after trying it!

MyKirei by KAO

Washing our hands is so important as the kids head back to school, why not enjoy the experience? Especially with the new MyKirei By Kaos’ Paw Print Foam Hand Wash! It adds a moment of joy to the day and keeps hands germ free! And kids will love the paw print foam!

MyKirei by KAO is making life more beautiful, one clean hand at a time! It comes in a bottle for life with refillable pouches, so you can also teach kids the importance of preserving our environment.

What are some of your back to school must haves? Share them with us below in the comments or on Instagram @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Burlington, Spin Master (Purse Pets), Zarbee's Naturals and MyKirei by KAO are all sponsors of Limor Media, which owns


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