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At-Home Valentine's Date Ideas

If you don't want to go out to dinner this year, we're sharing some unique Valentine's Day Date ideas that are perfect from the comfort of your home!

  • Have a DIY-Fondue dinner. You can pick up fondue makers at JCPenney

  • Recreate your first date, or at least the food you ate

  • Plan a “trip around the world” with different culture foods

  • Stream a virtual concert

  • Stream a virtual comedy show

  • Attend a virtual cocktail class

  • Attend a virtual cooking class

  • Take an at-home workout class together

  • Play games! Check out this blog with some game ideas

  • If the weather allows, go camping in your backyard

  • Take a “drive” and listen to music. This website allows you to “drive” through different cities, listening to your favorite music

  • Fast Food “Game” - This is a fun “game” to play that’s unique and will get you safely out of the house, without leaving your car and going through the drive-thrus. Round 1: Drinks, Round 2: Appetizers, Round 3: Main Meal, Round 4: Dessert. Each round, play rock, paper, scissors to see who will “win” aka get to pick the fast food places you get drinks and food from

Do you have any other date-night ideas? Share them with us on Instagram @limorloves!


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