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Artist Recreates Disney Princesses As Plus-Size

We watch Disney movies as soon as we’re out of the womb, even our children. Generations of children grow up idolizing Disney and their Princesses. Yet the Princesses are always shown as super thin women and they’re always perfect. Let’s face it, they are unrealistic role models. Women come in all different shapes and sizes and have different body types, and we don’t have perfect lives. That is what makes us unique and beautiful!

Artist Crystal Walter decided to combat Disney’s unrealistic standards of Princesses and recreate them as normal, ‘plus-sized’ women. Findings from a Plunker Market study show that 70% of women are size 14 or above, which begs the question, why are Disney Princesses all size 0?

You can check out all of Crystal’s art here on her Instagram. With each Disney Princess (or Prince) picture she posts, she includes a note of positivity. Specifically, stigmas on plus-sized people.

Crystal shared that she’s not promoting the idea that one type of body is better or more realistic than another. “My stance has always been that all bodies should be seen as equal.”

Numerous studies have shown that children, especially girls, start worrying about their weight as early as three years old. If we start showing realistic and plus-sized bodies, presenting them happy and in a positive light, then we can change that fact and teach young children and women not to be ashamed of their bodies.

Never forget you are beautiful just the way you are!


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