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Alcoholic Slushies Perfect For Summer!

We’ve previously shared Beer Recipe Slushies and now we’re here to share other alcoholic slushie recipes! These are our go-to recipes for a drink post-pool, beach, or work day!

White Claw Slushie

Combining a Lime White Claw and frozen Watermelon, it’s a no-sugar added light perfect slushy!

Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

The perfect fruit, yet sweet slushie!

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Frozen Tequila Sunrise

A frozen twist on a classic cocktail!

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Wine Slushie

All you need is a bottle of Zinfandel (the pink wine) and a bag of frozen mixed berries!

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The summers go-to slushie!

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Cocktails In A Bag

The perfect slushie mix, for when you don’t want to do the work! There’s 18 different drinks, some of them are even seasonal! Just add ice.

Image credit: @ltblender on Instagram

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