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31 Days of Halloween with Ferrero!

Halloween is going to be different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate at home all month long!

Ferrero, the company known for Nutella, tic tac and kinder joy, has come up with creative ideas to celebrate “31 Days of Halloween“ and share with your friends and family all month long. Limor is here to show you of the fun ideas Ferrero has been sharing on Pinterest!

To make these, spread chocolate frosting onto a soft baked cookie, add some Buncha Crunch on top, then two candy eyes and pretzel sticks for the legs!

Buncha Crunch is the perfect combination of 100% real milk chocolate and crisped rice. You can even put them into Halloween themed test tubes!

Mummify Candy Bars

All you need is some white streamer or gauze, sticky googly eyes and your favorite Ferrero treats!

You can use whichever you prefer - Crunch, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, even the brand new Tic Tac big berry adventure flavor, which is a mash-up of rich Raspberry and juicy Blueberry flavors.

Just wrap gauze and add the googely eyes and you’re done! It’s a perfect little mummy!

Halloween Wreath with Kinder Joy Eggs

Grab a wreath, strong glue, halloween ornaments and of course, some fake eyeballs - glue them all together!

All month long, you can just grab a Halloween kinder joy off the wreath and enjoy the delicious treat and toy!

Nutella Jack O’Lantern Toast

The perfect monster breakfast that’s also super cute! Just add Nutella on toast in a Jack-O’Lantern shape and voila, the perfect halloween breakfast.

Of course, what’s Halloween without Frankenstein? You need cupcakes with green frosting, black icing and Kinder Bueno for his bolts. To draw the scar, use toothpicks.

Kinder Bueno has a thin, crispy wafer filled with a creamy hazelnut filling, all topped with a delicate, dark chocolate drizzle!

Monster Mix Popcorn

If you’re watching some scary or not so scary movies this halloween? Make a monster mix with some popcorn, spooky gummies and fannie may s’mores snack mix. Just mix it all together, add into a bowl and enjoy!

Fannie may s’mores snack mix, features crunchy grahams and fluffy marshmallows coated in milk chocolate. It's also perfect on its own right out of the bag!

Halloween Charcuterie Board

Using all your favorite Ferrero brand treats, add it to a pretty Halloween board. Also, add some black and orange tortilla chips, cheese puffs, bat pretzels and some brain, eyeball and finger gummies.

It’s ghoulishly gorgeous!

For more information, follow along with Ferrero’s “31 Days of Halloween” on their Pinterest page.

If you made any of these spook-tacular recipes, tag us at @limorloves!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ferrero.


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